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Projects: Hagerstown Regional Airport - Terminal Expansion

Hagerstown Regional Airport - Terminal Expansion

Building Occupancy Classification: Group A-3 Assembly & Group B Business
Number of Stories: One
Existing Floor Area: 18,360 sf
New Floor Area: 5,550 sf
Total Floor Area: 23,910 gsf
Building Construction Type: Type IIB – Noncombustible/ Unprotected

This project included selective demolition to approximately 2,324 sf roof area with a building addition of approximately 5,554 sf. The combined additional floor space with a new roof over the demolished section totals 7,878 sf of new building roof cover. An additional roof over a 22’ x 48’ vehicle canopy equates to 1,056 sf.

he building addition provides a larger Hold Room with a capacity of approximately 300 occupants. The additional Hold Room area provides new amenities including new public toilets, bar and service counters, video displays and convenient charging stations.

An expanded TSA area of approximately 1,775 sf is relocated to provide space for passenger security processing within the expanded area.

The entire remaining areas of over 16,000 sf will require complete renovation for new floor, walls, and ceiling finishes with upgrades to electrical, mechanical, plumbing and sprinkler systems.