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Corporate Culture

Callas’ corporate culture stems from Mike Callas’ initial strong leadership and commitment to the community at large.

Corporate Culture at Callas

Callas Contractors, LLC is a family, first and foremost, dedicated to the responsibilities of serving our clients. Our diversity permits unparalleled resources within to meet any challenge. Details are our strength. 

The culture of Callas Contractors, LLC is teamwork. Building upon the knowledge of shared hands-on experience produces accurate forecasting and quality problem solving. Instincts are keenly heightened through our collaboration. We encourage respect by always being approachable from the top down. This open door policy has resulted in longevity of our employees, many of whom have been with the Company for over ten years. Honesty is our acceptance of accountability.

All projects are challenging, whether the project is a historic remodel with unknown conditions or a water and wastewater treatment structure in a sensitive area or a hotel on a dense site; we are the team to get it right.